Mixed Martial Arts.

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Whilst MMA fans everywhere love to see fights finish with something spectacular like a devastating elbow strike, a jumping knee to the head or a flying armbar, the reality is that the vast majority of MMA fights are won using the basics.Basic techniques done to a very high standard are very much the way forward in progressing up the ladder and moving forward in your journey as a mixed martial artist.

Our Elements of MMA class exists to cover all the basic techniques that the ground game comprises of.
It is very much an Introductory class and so is very popular with the newer students who are looking to build their game from the start.

mma class

This class is the perfect starting point for someone who is new to MMA and grappling too, but that is not to say it is a beginners class; all classes on the timetable are suitable for all experience levels, we even insist members of our fight team participate in this class during the run up to their fight. The beginners can then benefit from the help they receive from the more experienced members.

Doing the basics well and often is something that all the MMA veterans have learnt; many of which learnt the hard way!

So just remember, basics win fights!!

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