Drilling, Grappling and Sparring.

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By Friday evening our students will have had access to a staggering 12 hours of technique based classes. So come the end of the week we feel enough is enough as far as learning something new is concerned and it is time to put what we have learnt to the test and see which of the techniques can be worked into live sparring.

This class is also chance to drill any of the techniques you have previously learnt with a partner. Drilling is a tool often overlooked, but not here at Elements. We see it as being vital that a mixed martial artist goes over the moves and techniques they will be using over and over again until they become second nature.


By using memory mapping and concentrating on putting new moves into our muscle memory we keep drilling enjoyable so that it is never a chore.
This is key in being the difference between a technique that has been LEARNED and one which we are confident we OWN.

The sparring is optional as always. We do find our newer students are pleased to learn that the intensity of sparring is easily adjusted so that everyone has a fair chance to improve and try out their moves as opposed to being overwhelmed by the more experienced mixed martial artists out there.

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