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Home to Eddie Bravo’s unique style of grappling, located in the heart of the UK. What separates Eddie Bravo’s Jiu Jitsu from other styles is its innovation and evolution. Owing to their originality the positions he has created and refined such as the rubber guard, the truck, and the spider web are gaining growing momentum throughout jiu jitsu and MMA circles due to their effectiveness. Our Jiu Jitsu classes are taught by certified 10th Planet instructor Mick Broster, and assistant instructor Chris Garry. We have classes for all levels of students and regular seminars by world class 10th planet black belts such as Sean Bollinger, Denny Prokopos and Eddie Bravo himself.

Who we are

Eddie Bravo teaching at 10th Planet Birmingham
Mick Broster

Mick Broster and Eddie Bravo

Mick Broster is both the head jiu jitsu and MMA coach at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Birmingham.
Mick has been training in MMA and submission fighting since early 1997 starting out at one of the UK’s oldest MMA clubs – the Tap Out Academy. Mick had his first amateur MMA fight after only 2 weeks of training, which ended up a draw. Due to the two main instructors having to leave the club because of work commitments, Mick took over teaching at the club in 2000 and has continued to teach ever since.

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